Technical Support


    To begin, you have to been already installed in your machine the Ultr@ VNC software

    For that, we provide the links below, in case you don’t have this software

    Direct Link

    Developer's Website

    • Select one of the options above.
    • Execute the file you have downloaded
    • During the installation, select the option “Full Installation” on the component selection screen.
    • To facilitate the remote access, select the option “Create UltraVNC Desktop icons”
    • After the installation, execute the blue icon on your desktop (UltraVNC Server)
    • The same blue icon will appear next to the Windows system clock, on the right down corner. Right-Click on it and select “Admin Properties” option.On this window, just type any password on the password text area. You need to confirm that password on the space below. This password is used just in case of uninvited remote access, which will be not the case.
    • Contact us so we can send you the data to connect to our technical support and assist you.

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