Product Description

In today’s vehicles, equipped with on board computer, the indication petrol level is not updated as in old systems, which considered only the indication provided by a float inside the tank, but it is the same original vehicle ECU that, based on the mileage and usage conditions, performs a calculation of consumption and displays it in the instrument panel.

While running on gas (CNG or LPG), petrol that is inside the tank does not decrease but the aboard computer continues decreasing fuel level becoming impossible to read the real reading. The indication of the level in the tank will only be updated and corrected after a refueling.

To install any of the spelling of SFLC fuel level models, during gas operation, the on board computer reads the petrol tank level each time that you start the vehicle.

Models SFLC serving mainly the brands Peugeot, Citroen and Renault vehicles are available.  For other brands can be suited too.

Technical Specification