Product Description

Mini FLEXI P and SGAS MC2 are micro switches with level indicator for gas SGAS Plus sequential injection systems. By its design and reduced size, allows an excellent aesthetic integration with current vehicle instrument panel. With the button you can select three features: Gas – Petrol – Emergency (gas direct start).

Mini FLEXI P model has six-way connector and integrated alarm function in the same module. This allows for quick and easy installation when compared to other models of micro switches.

Technical Specification

Code and models
CNG/LPG (Compressed Natural Gas / Liquefied Petroleum Gas)
Sequential injection of gas SGAS Plus ® systems
Switches MiniFLEXI
MF400 products / MiniFLEXI X5
Micro switch with level indicator for injection (CNG and LPG) systems
Its design and reduced size, allows an excellent aesthetic integration with the instrument panel
With the button you can select three functions: Gas – Petrol – Emergency (gas direct start)
They have six-way connector which allows a quick and easy installation
Mini FLEXI P model includes integrated in the same alarm function module
It has a level indicator (5) five lights and light State of Petrol and Gas
Made of composite plastic
Complementary products
Module MiniFLEXI
MF400 module
Module MiniFLEXI X 5
Module SGAS Plus ® 132/148
Sensor level cod. SCN3
Sensor level cod. SCN4
Electrical measures
Power supply: 10-16 Vdc
Consumption: 45 mA
Temperature: – 10 to + 80 ° c
Dimensions and weights
PA Plastic Box: Ø 27 mm
Fixing: diameter 13 mm
Individual packing: box 175 x 105 x 60 mm
Module weight: 10 GR
Contents of the package
Module MiniFLEXI /P
Connection wire harness
User manual
1 year
ECE-110R / ISO15500