Lambda X5

Product Description

Lambda X5® gets a perfect balance between generating more power, excellent economy and higher performance with respect to the conventional system. This system has a memory of carburation, which generates a history of vehicle operation, helping to correct the engine operation in any situation. The gas is controlled by an electromechanical actuator (Actuator Code ACT100) based on a step motor capable of dispensing the correct amount of gas according to the need of the vehicle.

Also included in the same module a powerful Lambda Emulator that can adapt to any vehicle including those that use bifuels or so-called Flex-Fuel through an auto programming system.

For a perfect fit of Lambda X5 to the different conditions of the engine, It is used the powerful SMART Lambda ® Software Setup program. (Compatible: Windows 7-8, Interface: USB2.0, Bluetooth or Wireless).

Technical Specification

Code and models
Lambda X5
CNG/LPG (Compressed Natural Gas / Liquefied Petroleum Gas)
Electronic injection engine 2,3,4,5,6 and 8 cylinders.(Compatible with Flex-Fuel Engine)
Vehicles with Lambda Sensor and TPS* sensor.
Optimize the carburation during operation of the vehicle with gas. (keeping the exact relationship of air-gas)
It simulates different States of the Lambda Sensor to avoid failures in the engine when it is in gas
It uses a software simple and fast settings arranged in six (6) steps
Available with Cut-Off (friendly and sparing gas system) function
Special functions (pre-heating of Lambda Sensor and Acceleration optimum)
You can configure and optimize the simulation of Lambda Sensor
Possesses simulation for injection timing (TI) for vehicles type FLEX-FUEL (Flex Lambda Sensor of auto-configuration)
It has multiple simulations pre-configured (easy configuration system)
Graphics screen that shows all the parameters of the vehicle in real time
Complementary products
Actuator ACT100
SMARTLambda ® Software. Compatible: Windows 7-8 / Android (available to the user)
Electrical measures
Power supply: 10-16 Vdc
Consumption: 1200 mA
Temperature: – 10 to + 80 ° c
Dimensions and weights
Plastic Box PA (WxHxD): 72 x 62 x 32 mm
Fixing: diameter 3 mm
Individual packing: box 175 x 105 x 60 mm
Module weight: 110 g
Packed weight: 850 g
Contents of the package
Control module
Connection wire harness
Actuator ACT100
User manual
Connection accessories
1 year
ENARGAS-NAG415-416-417 / ECE-110R / ISO15500-8 / IBAMA Proconve
*TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)

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