IG5 Noumea

Product Description

NOUMEA IG5 are gas Injectors for compressed natural gas(CNG) and liquid propane gas (LPG). The coils are arranged in an integrated manner on a plastic set. The watertight connector compatible with AMP / Delphi.

The body is made of polymeric material, with high mechanical resistance and temperature. They are modular and can be mounted into two configurations: Over a common collector or separately individually mounted. They have high resistance to dirt and are available different models with 1,2,3 and 4 coils, there are a wide variety of mounting accessories.


Technical specifications:

  • Working pressure: 0.5 to 2.0 bar
  • Max pressure: 3.0 bar
  • Supply voltage: 10.8-14.4 V
  • Gas inlet: Ø10mm Ø12mm / Ø 14mm / Ø 16mm /Ø 7mm (only for a nozzle)
  • Gas output: external Ø4mm / Ø 6mm / Ø7mm
  • Calibrated hole (peaks): Ø 1.0 mm
  • Temperature range: – 20 / + 120 ° C
  • Approvals: ECE 67R-01/110R-00/ISO15500

Technical Specification

Code and models

NOUMEA IG5.A3.12d.RL4 (3Ω) x 1 (for 4-cylinder)

NOUMEA IG5.A3.12d.RL3 (3Ω) x 2 (for 6-cylinder)

NOUMEA IG5.A3.12d.RL4 (3Ω) x 2 (for 8 cylinders)

NOUMEA IG5.A2.12d.RL4 (2Ω) x 1 (for 4-cylinder)

NOUMEA IG5.A2.12d.RL3 (2Ω) x 2 (for 6-cylinder)

NOUMEA IG5.A2.12d.RL4 (2Ω) x 2 (for 8 cylinders)


CNG/LPG (Compressed Natural Gas / Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

Sequential injection of gas SGAS Plus ® systems

Different brands CNG sequential injection systems


Nozzles for gas methane (CNG) and liquid gas (LPG)


Can be mounted in two configurations: together with the collector or separate individual

Connector seal, compatible with AMP / Delphi

Built in polymeric material, high mechanical resistance and temperature

Best resistant to the accumulation impurities from the gas

Models available with 1,2,3 and 4 coils

Wide range of accessories for mounting.

Technical specifications:

Working pressure: from 0,5 to 2,0 bar

Max Pressure: 3,0 bar

Alimentation: 10,8 -14,4 V

Minimum copper wire section for coil connection: 0,75 mmq

Inlet gas fitting:Ø10 mm/ Ø12 mm/ Ø14 mm/ Ø16 mm

Outlet gas fitting: Calibrated nozzles for rubber hose Ø 4 – 5 – 6 mm

Calibrated hole range (for nozzles): Ø1,0 mm

T range: -20° C / +120° C

Coil type: A3 / A2

Coil Resistance (±15%): 3,0 Ohm / 2,0 Ohm

Peak current (±10%): 4 A / 6 A

Suggested holding current (±10%): 1 A / 1 A

Complete opening/closing time (±5%): (3,7 ms / 2,2 ms) / (3,3 ms / 2,2 ms)

Minimum injection pulse (±5%): 3,3 ms / 3,0 ms

Suggested peak current time: 4,5 ms / 4,2 ms

Contents of the package

Injector NOUMEA IG5

User manual

Connection accessories


1 year


E8 110R Ext.14 67R Ext.13 / ISO15500