Geração 5+

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The Generation 5+ kit arrives to revolutionize the market, it creates a new CNG segment. The compact 5th generation kits. Therefore, it is innovative in several aspects.

Connect your car with the latest in the CNG market, as constant parameter readings ensure a smooth and safe driving.

This module offers an exclusive design combined with high technology, being compact and practical the mini-center generation 5+ will surprise you with its bold and resistant design, protecting the “brain” of your CNG system very efficiently.

Taking into account any model and make of the 3 or 4 cylinder vehicle, the CNG generation 5+ kit becomes highly adaptable. Free from seams and welds, have a safe and practical installation without cutting the vehicle’s original wires. A more accurate calibration and with several adjustment options, the SGAS Plus 3® software guarantees comfort and power on the road.

Less cables, more engineering. RPM signal connections and post contact power now joined in the same connection.

Using only the battery power for the operation and readings of the vehicle’s injectors, the Generation 5+ kit reaches all the technologies of the 5th generation kits.

Tested in the most rigorous scenarios, the CNG generation 5+ kit was designed to be resistant whether on trips or on a daily basis.

Especificações Técnicas

Code and templates
Geração 5+          SEQUENTIAL INJECTION FOR 4 Cylinders
CNG / LPG (vehicular natural gas / liquefied petroleum gas)
Electronic injection engine with 3 and 4 cylinders. (Compatible with Flex-Fuel engine)
Electronic module for sequential gas injection (controls the gas supply through injector nozzles that receive the gas at constant pressure from the reducer)
Module with the smallest dimensions on the market and with the greatest potential in its class
IP65 protection in composite material.
New sealed 26-pin connector for automotive applications
32-bit microprocessor-based platform specific for automotive applications
Excellent gas dosing accuracy (CNG and LPG).
Compatible with SGAS MC3 micro switch and MAP sensor with ABS400KPA temperature sensor.
Wide operating temperature range (-40 ° C + 125 ° C)
It meets Euro 5 emission standards.
SGAS 3 ® Software compatible with: Windows 8-10
Software resources:
Compatible with CNG and LPG.
Programming with option for the RPM map.
Direct gas start function with cold engine.
Direct gas start function with hot engine.
It allows configuring more than 10 different brands of gas injectors.
It allows to configure 6 types of level sensor.
It accepts to configure any Map and temperature sensor.
It allows configuring parameters to suit any gearbox.
Error and warning management system.
Accepts that you configure a turbo engine.
Complementary products
Microswitch: SGAS MC3
Level sensors: SCN3 and SCN4
Temperature and pressure sensor: ABS400KPA
USB 2.0/3.0 Bluetooth or Wireless
Electrical measurements
Power supply: 10-16 Vdc
Consumption: 1200 mA
Temperature: -10 to + 80 ° C
Dimensions and weights
PA plastic box (WxHxD): 85 x 95 x 30 mm
Fixation: diameter 6 mm
Individual packaging: box 290 x 290 x 190 mm
Module weight: 350g
Packed weight: 900g
Package content:
Generation Module 5+
SGAS MC3 module
ABS400KPA module
Connecting cables
SCN3 or SCN4 level sensor
User manual
Connection accessories
Warranty time
1 year
INMETRO-P417 / NAG417-ENARGAS / ECE-110R / ISO15500-8

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