ChipMax Blue

Product Description

ChipMax Blue has the functions of three or four (3,4) injectors emulator, dynamic advancer of MAP-MAF sensor and Lambda probe emulator with multiple programming options including vehicles using bifuels or so-called Flex-Fuel.

For a perfect fit ChipMax Blue to  different conditions of the engine, is used the powerful configuration DATA Flex ® Software program. (Compatible: Windows 7-8, Interface: USB2.0, Bluetooth or Wireless).

DATA Flex ® Software, you can adapt to any vehicle parameters in real time, achieving greater power, optimizing its performance by using programming software. It is possible to set the fuels time superposition to get a soft transition from petrol to gas and avoid sudden stops of the engine. The advance variation is performed dynamically configurable in real-time to get the progressive map that is most appropriate for each engine.

In the version ChipMax Blue is possible to choose different types of emulator probe lambda pre-configured and if any of these is not adapted to the engine it is possible to use the \”build\” function. This function will build a signal of the same characteristics that has the original lambda sensor of the vehicle, including bi-fuels or FlexFuel type.

Main features:

  • It is programmable with DATA Flex ® Software.
  • New speed control forward dynamic type.

Technical Specification

Code and models
ChipMax Blue
CNG/LPG (Compressed Natural Gas / Liquefied Petroleum Gas)
Engine electronic injection 3 and 4 cylinders.(Compatible with Flex-Fuel Engine)
Vehicles with MAP*/ MAF** sensor
Injectors emulator (simulating the original signal from the vehicle nozzles)
Timing Advance Processor (the original ignition point vary)
Emulator of Lambda Sensor (simulate States of the Lambda Sensor to avoid engine failures)
It uses simple and fast software to configure and optimize the functions.
Simulate signal of 11 to 16 ohm injectors.
You can set the time of superposition of fuels (from 0 to 2 seconds)
Allows you to set different maps in advance (includes the timing advance processor type dynamic)
Selection of the time of inclusion of progress.
Allows you to select different types of sensors MAP* / MAF**
It has multiple simulations of Lambda Sensor pre-configured (easy configuration system)
It allows building simulation of Lambda Sensor for vehicles Flex-Fuel type.
Optional wire harness with different types of connectors (injector type Bosch, Japan, Honda, Isuzu, Subaru, Fiat, etc.).
DATA Flex ® Software. Compatible: Windows 7-8 / Android (available to the user)
Electrical measures
Power supply: 10-16 Vdc
Consumption: 700 mA
Temperature: – 10 to + 80 ° c
Dimensions and weights
Plastic Box PA (WxHxD): 72 x 62 x 32 mm
Fixing: diameter 3 mm
Individual packing: box 175 x 105 x 60 mm
Module weight: 110 g
Packed weight: 550 g
Contents of the package
Control module
Connection wire harness
User manual
Connection accessories
1 year
*MAP (Manifold Absolute pressure).
**MAF (Measured air flow).

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